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Septic System Site Evaluation & Design

Bruce Miller R. S.
Professional Registered Sanitarian
of Texas #3253



Serving the Upper Texas Gulf Coast

"With an independent septic system site evaluation & design service"

A graduate from Texas A&M University with a Bachelors of Science in Community Health.  After college I worked in the oilfield for a pipeline company, salesman for oilfield production equipment company, had a successful oilfield production equipment repair business and held a supervisory position for an oil & gas production company.

For the past nineteen years I have worked in the public environmental health sector.  Previously worked as an inspector for a county health department for many years and the last fourteen years independently as a septic system site evaluator and designer.

I currently hold a "Registered Sanitarian" license issued by the State of Texas (3253) and a "Site Evaluator" license (0S10553) issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality under the On-Site Sewage Facilities Division.  I attend the annual required training classes and many other seminars to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

Service Area - I work along the gulf coast of Texas in the one, two, and some tier three counties mostly from Aransas County up the coast to Fort Bend County.

I have extensive experience in working on small lots along the gulf waters.

I develop "Computer Assisted Drawing" site plans and prepare a professional packet of the required information for you to obtain installation bids and/or begin the permitting process.

It is my goal to deliver an accurate site evaluation and design while also taking the time to explain all possible options available to customers concerning their septic system project.  Since Home Environmental Services is not a septic system installation business the decision about septic system options will only be determined when the site evaluation has been completed.

This is not a sideline job it is a full-time business built around dependable customer service.

Professional Memberships

A life member of the Texas Environmental Health Association

For information about a septic tank, septic systems, septic system design, systems such as Aerobic septic systems, Low Pressure Dosing septic systems or others, septic system maintenance, publications and research try these links below.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality - Rules, Phone Numbers, licensed individuals, and other info www.tceq.state.tx.us/ .  In the "site search" space enter "ossf general information" click "go" then click on the link "onsite sewage facilities (septic systems) general information". 


For subdivision info click on link and then click on "Red Book" for state rules.   I can explain the TCEQ septic system review process for subdivisions. 

Low Pressure Dosing Pipe System - Design & Installation Manual - Call 919-515-9101 for manual #UNC-SG-82-03, $2.50, 32 page manual. 

Or go to www.ncseagrant.org/ and search all products for "Design and Installation of Low Pressure Pipe Waste Treatment Systems" check by above ID #.

Texas On-Site Waste Water Association - www.txowa.org/ Also look under Links for additional information.

Septic system info site www.inspect-ny.com and click on "septic system".

Septic system info site www.build-yourown-home.com and click on "septic system".

Texas Agricultural Extension Service - http://tcebookstore.org/ search for "waste" for numerous publications about septic systems.

Property Owner's Checklist for Septic System Planning

The following items are needed prior to my arrival at the site.  This is the information required by rule to complete the permit application process.

Please make clear copies of all relevant paper work for me.

Provide copies of your property survey - A surveyor's drawing is best if available or a property deed description indicating the measurements of the property borders.

Appraisal District maps are usually not accurate for this application. You may have to go the local County Clerk's office for property information. If you live in a subdivision the County Clerk will have that on file just make a copy of your lot, with border measurements, and get full legal description.

If you have a lot less than two acres the property corners must be located so measurements can be taken accurately to develop the scale drawing.  To find corners without a survey expense you could try using a metal detector to locate the iron corner pins and use your deed description for measurements.

A floor plan is needed for new house construction with number of bedrooms and square feet of living area. The plan needs to indicate the footprint measurements of outside size of house.  Existing homes I can measure, however the appraisal district usually can give you the main living area size we need for sizing your septic system.

Please determine if you have the old toilets or the newer water savers.  The water savers are usually the smaller tanks.  If you have an older home it would be good to have your plumber check all your fixtures for proper operating conditions. 

If you have the old high capacity tanks we need to discuss if they should be replaced depending on the site evaluation and septic system type required.

Locate the sewer pipe where it comes out of the house and any other drain pipes.  Locate the same on floor plans for new home construction.

The site address of the house is needed.  You may have to contact the local 911 address provider by calling the county judge's office.

Locate your neighbor's water wells this is very important on small lots and in subdivisions.  Please ask them if we can measure across their property.  Many times the well is hidden or disguised.

Locate the water line connection from your well to your house.

The area for soil sampling must be mowed or cleared to enter with a pickup truck or other plans for sampling must be made..let me know.

Please fax a map or call with good directions to your property.

If you have any information about your Floodplain Zone classification please provide that.  The local Floodplain Administrator can provide it also.

Call when you have all the information and we can make an appointment for the site evaluation.

Please call me with any questions.  Having all the correct information will greatly speed up your project.


Home Environmental Services
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Phone & Fax 361-782-0233
Septic System Site Evaluation & Design